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Chris Roider cut his teeth in the St. Louis post-production scene for over 15 years before founding Tybee Studios in 2006 with the goal of collaborating with clients without all of the red tape.

Whether that's working with small agencies or directly with the client, we take a laid back, personal approach. With that being said, don't think our sarcasm and jokes mean we don't care.

We are passionate about creating the best product we can, but that doesn't mean we (and you) can't be smiling while we do it.

Awards & Nominations:

Although we usually forget submission deadlines, from time-to-time our team does make it under the wire. We've been blessed with the opportunity to work on some award-winning shows including the double-digit regional Emmy-winning Feast TV as well as tasteMAKERS, the Daytime Emmy-nominated culinary docuseries on PBS. Our team has been nominated and won many Tellys and Emmys through the years for things like editing, shooting, and special effects. We are so proud.

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